SANDISK’s “Cruzer” USB secure memory stick product with 256bit AES hardware encryption (literature and pricing on request) is now certified to the FIPS 140-2 standard.

The “Cruzer” is ideal for storing sensitive data and protecting organisations against the security implications of device loss or theft. It has all the benefits of a primary hardware encryption solution, whilst providing central control of device allocation, access, and tracking with our optional server based CMC software. The CMC product also integrates well with industry standard port control software.

The “Cruzer” is fast and available in capacities up to 8GB. The Enterprise version forces the use of a complex password, and will be of interest to your customers, administrators, project managers and senior engineers that must work with sensitive data off-site and to those responsible for your IT security.

The use of the “Cruzer” should end the threat of ’embarrassing’ headlines once and for all. We expect to be able to offer further secure versions of SANDISK’s Solid State Disk (SSD) product range for embedded laptop and mobile tablet computer use, but this is only one reason to consider the use of SSD’s to replace hard disks:
SANDISK’s SSD 5000 series SSD products are superior to hard disks (HDD) in all the criteria now important in all critical applications, namely:

  • Small size and reduced weight
  • Reduced power requirement by a factor of 2.5 over an equivalent HDD (20/30 minutes extended laptop battery life – a green solution)
  • Improved speed (seek time and data transfer rate) two times the speed of 7200 rpm Seagate HDD; 65 times the IOPS (Vista OS)
  • Maximum product life (up to 30 years and at least three times the life of an HDD), no “Blue Screen of Death” failures
  • Enhanced reliability (2,000,000 hr MTBF; seven times the true MTBF of hard disk drives)
  • Environmental tolerance (three temperature grades to full Mil-std 810F -40deg to +85degC operating). Minimum 30% wider temperature range than HDDs
  • Rugged, 1,000G versus 250G for a typical HDD

Addition features include:

  • Lower cost of ownership in critical applications
  • Embedded 20 second irrevocable security erase and seven selectable sanitisation, declassification protocols (“Classic” product range only)
  • Totally silent operation
  • Altitude independent (no flying heads)

The SANDISK SSD5000 UATA (PATA) and SATA product range for rugged laptops is used by DELL, HP, and IBM, and approved by Microsoft WHQL for Vista. The new CF5000 industrial grade fast compact flash device may be used with our latest reactive SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 hard disk emulator (bridge to flash), for upgrading critical legacy defence systems that depend on unreliable and often obsolete tape and rotating magnetic disk drives.

Reactive provide dedicated high performance data storage solutions to primary defence contractors and government agencies with unique applications. These solutions range from the most advanced solid state disk products and subsystems for both airborne and rugged, reliable portable computing use, to the support of critical legacy defence systems with enhanced tape and disk drive hardware emulators. We are the SanDisk UK distributors to the defence and government sectors, but also offer other “best of breed” SSD products.


SANDISK’s high performance, low cost, Solid-State Disk (SSD) products replace 1.8in, 2.5in and 3.5in conventional IDE+, PATA, SATA, USB and CF disk drives on a form, fit and function basis. No special software drivers are required and the products provide tolerance to harsh environments (many up to Mil-Std 810-F), together with lower weight and power consumption. The products offer totally silent operation, very high reliability and up to five-year warranty. The “Classic” mSSD/FFD products also feature built-in (20 second or 5 second) security erase, and selectable sanitisation (declassification) protocols approved by the NSA, DOD, IRIG and other bodies.

The embedded, patented, TFFS protocol on our Flash SSD products provides a 30+ year product life not possible with conventional Flash wear levelling protocols. High sustained W/R transfer rates make our PATA (UATA) and SATA products amongst the fastest SSDs available in classic disk form factors. Selected by BAE, SAAB, Thales, Ultra, SELEX, DRS, EDS, Ultra, Qinetiq and many others, our products have become widely used for airborne reconnaissance and mission memory and may be adapted to emulate magnetic tape units or earlier conventional SCSI-1, SCSI-2 disks.


Our standard legacy disk and tape drive hardware emulators are based on hard disk, hybrid and full solid state technologies and replace data storage devices (disk, tape, etc,) that are now difficult to repair or source, or are found unsuitable for the targeted application. We also supply the associated consultancy, dedicated design, and system integration services, to help in those cases where the best solution involves the matching of existing legacy system interfaces to the more future-proof and advanced interfaces common to modern data storage products.

To support our customers that rely on the obsolete SASI/SCSI-1 interfaces we have developed a SCSI/SCSI bridge product with programmable interface characteristics that allows our high performance FFDs to be interfaced to legacy host systems without software change. For low capacities, up to 16GB, the Reactive SCSI bridge product is available to accept our industrial grade, SLC compact flash 5000 devices and fits within the original 3.5in disk footprint.

At the extreme high performance end, our fibre connected “TMS”, solid state disk products allow data rates as high as 350MBytes/second over multiple 4GB/s host channels (Over 400,000 IOPS). These products provide high transfer rates and unbeatable IOPS irrespective of record length, as a cost efficient alternative to RAID, where bandwidth is more critical than capacity (e.g., code and image recognition). The “TMS 500” system is the fastest memory product currently in manufacture.