The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has chosen Hotzone Solutions (HZS) to provide an auditor for its certified level 3 NDE auditor training to its inspectors to support real data gathering, using real chemical warfare agents.

The OPCW is an international organisation responsible for the implementation of the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention, aiming for a world free of chemical threats. An important part of its workforce is represented by its 185 inspectors.

HZS is a rapidly expanding live agent training provider to the military, security industry and emergency services. With a capability to provide training with toxic chemicals, biological threat agents, open and closed radiation sources and explosives, HZS has access to some of the leading live agent testing and training facilities in Europe.

From 16 September to 22 September 2010, in Suippes, France, HZS provided its first auditor to the OPCW for its NDE (Non Destructive Evaluation) refresher training work permit, a prerequisite for all its inspectors.
The purpose of the audit was to insure that the OPCW conducts its NDE training in accordance with certification guidelines, and to give support for the supervision of the training itself.

In addition to it, HZS provided a comprehensive audit report for the NDE approved methods:

  • Ultrasonic pulse echo (UPE)
  • X-Ray
  • Hydrogen concentration measurement (HCM)
  • Neutron induced prompt photon Spectrometer (NIPPS)

The auditor worked out very well and HZS renewed the OPCW work permit for its certified level 3 NDE training.

HZS directors are proud to broaden their range of services for the OPCW, and look forward to the next cooperation with this organisation, the point of reference in the CBRNE world.