Reactive Data is now the UK Distributor for ACT/Technico and have unveiled a new high performance COTS graphics PMC, the IC-GRA-PMCa. Built around the Carmine MB86297 GPU, which is the third generation of high-end graphics products developed by Fujitsu; the new IC-GRA-PMCa is an IEEE 1386-compliant PMC dedicated to mission critical embedded applications.

The graphics board provides multiple features including geometry processing for 2D/3D graphics, pixel processing hardware and video capture. It also offers excellent 3D performance of up to 10 Mpolygons/s, the highest rendering performance available in the embedded market, with the lowest power consumption.

X Server and OpenGL 2.0, with hardware-accelerated OpenGL-ES 1.1 functions, are fully supported and are compliant with the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI). Additional libraries and drivers enable the use of video acquisitions and graphic multi-layer plans.

As an advanced graphics board, the IC-GRA-PMCa features a 128 MB DDR memory at 266 Mbps, two video output channels with resolutions of up to 1280 1024 pixels at 60 Hz and multiple interfaces (DVI, VGA, RGsB, STANAG). Each digital video output port allows transparent processing, such as an overlay display up to eight layers and alpha planes for four layers. The IC-GRA-PMCa has a DVI 1.0-compliant digital interface or a VGA-compatible interface. The VGA interface can be routed on the DVI-I connector or PN4 I/O connector through a video multiplexer.

Two video inputs support an SVGA capture resolution. The IC-GRA-PMCa has two CVBS/S-Video/YUV capture interfaces. A video decoder automatically detects and converts standard analog signals compatible with established NTSC, PAL and SECAM video broadcast standards.

Current software support is available for Linux-based platforms with support for VxWorks and other operating systems available upon request. The board will be manufactured and supported for a minimum of five years.

The board is shipping in standard and extended temperature ranges. A conduction-cooled version is also available.