Bohemia Interactive is very excited to announce that the game-based call-for-fire training platform, VBS2Fires, is now licensed by all ABCA Armies as a virtual training tool.

VBS2Fires is a mature VBS2 module that provides both individual and collective high-fidelity call-for-fire training. Tightly integrated, VBS2Fires allows any indirect fire platform within VBS2 to provide realistic fire support, from towed howitzers through to MLRS and naval gunfire. The system includes instructor interfaces and full after-action review.

VBS2Fires was initially acquired by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and USMC in 2009, followed by the US Army in 2010. Most recently, we’re pleased that the Canadian Forces and the UK MoD have proven their belief in game-based training capability by investing in VBS2Fires; both at the enterprise (unlimited licenses) level.

What does this mean for you? If you are a serving member of an ABCA Army, then you can access VBS2Fires at no further licensing cost for call-for-fire training, either on desktop computers or by integrating it with larger ‘immersive’ simulator systems. VBS2 supports a plug-in architecture and companies are already integrating their own technology such as voice recognition (e.g. Adacel) and adding their own custom interfaces.

Peter Morrison, CEO of Bohemia Interactive Simulations stated, “It is fantastic that VBS2Fires has been so readily accepted by these premier military forces. Game-based training is proven to work and I believe that modules like VBS2Fires are the way of the future for meeting niche training needs.”

Bohemia Interactive is also proud to support the UK MOD during the Joint Fires and Surveillance & Target Acquisition Simulation Concept Capability Demonstration (CCD), to be held May 4 and 5 at Larkhill, where both VBS2 and VBS2Fires will feature prominently.

VBS2Strike, the close-air add-on to VBS2Fires, will be demonstrated at ITEC 2011 in May, booth B110.