Tactical Command Industries (TCI) began to deliver their highly modular and very capable Liberator III ITJCS (integrated TACP/JTAC communication suite) in 2004. Since then, it has grown in popularity within the TACP/JTAC, CC and CAS communities around the world.

According to TCI President Don Medine, “We created the Liberator III ITJCS based upon input from and the needs of operators who provide a vital conduit and an information tunnel between ground forces and the combat aircraft. The demands placed on these operators and the sophistication of their duties requires the capabilities that the Liberator III ITJCS uniquely provides”. Mr. Medine continued by saying, “This community has tried some of the novelty headsets on the market over the past few years, but have realized Liberator III ITJCS delivers the capabilities and communication quality they need to be the best at what they do – Control Air! We appreciate what they do and undertsnad the significance of what they do in our GWOT.”

In 2010, US Air National Guard TACP headquarters designated Liberator III ITCJS as their headset selection for ANG TACP’s.