MKU announced its decision to focus on entering into the vehicle armoring business in US. It will work closely with partners to develop armoring solutions for vehicles based on the major programs and projects underway in the United States and across the world. It will be launching its full range of Integrated Armoring solutions for vehicle and personal protection in the US.

To give more momentum to this initiative, MKU is participating in a forum being organised by Institute for Defense & Government Advancements (IDGA), USA on Military Armor Protection which will review the latest advances to reduce human casualties and vehicle damage as a co-sponsor. This seminar will be held from May 19 – 22, 2008 at The Westin Alexandria, Alexandria, VA, USA.

MKU had recently created a lot of buzz in the international market with the acquisition of Germany based company AST Security Equipment GmbH, a NATO registered company specialising in helicopter and ship armouring. “The acquisition of AST Security Equipment, Germany will provide us with strategic capability to provide cutting edge integrated armouring solutions for the modern vehicle armouring programs across the world,” said Mr Neeraj Gupta (Joint. Managing Director, MKU) on the occasion.

MKU has also recently introduced its ‘INSTAVEST’ – a snap on and off quick release MOLLE type ballistic over-vest which it claims has a world-beating new system which disengages the body armour in less than one second from the body of the soldier when required. Commenting on the vest, Mr Neeraj Gupta said: “This vest is a result our constant focus on the requirements and needs of our end customers, it will prove to be a boon for soldiers in critical evacuation and extraction scenarios in life threatening scenarios as also to injured soldiers seeking emergency medical treatment”.

Earlier last year MKU had introduced a revolutionary new Aero system and other low-trauma ballistic over-vests for personal protection.