Once again, Kaercher Futuretech participated in Global Security Asia, which took place mid-March, only a few days after the disastrous earthquake in Japan. For this reason, the conference in Singapore, which was held under the motto ‘Protection and security of persons, property and infrastructure’, registered a slightly reduced number of participants. Due to the nuclear catastrophe, the participants were particularly interested in nuclear decontamination systems and equipment for the decontamination of persons.

At the accompanying exhibition to the conference, Kaercher Futuretech presented its SAFEGUARDTM CBRN protective clothing programme, the AMGDS 2000 module, which was designed for the application of the revolutionary GDS decontamination agent, and DRDS 1, a new one-person rescue and decontamination set, which has been specifically requested by civil defence and disaster control authorities.

Kaercher Futuretech product manager Markus Kurt Saygin took the opportunity to present the theoretical and practical aspects of this innovative system, for the quick, gentle and thorough decontamination of persons on site, for the first time to the Asian markets. “Our new product was at the centre of public interest. Using this product, injured persons can be safely decontaminated and transported,” states the product manager in his positive summary. Further solutions in the area of civil defence and disaster control shall be presented in the next few months.

The sales manager in charge of the Asia Pacific region, Dirk Waldow, welcomed many delegations from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore at the GSA, and analysed the current situation as follows: “Various catastrophes such as floods, earthquakes and the effects of tsunamis have shown that our product range is really needed. Highly mobile solutions are being increasingly requested for use in field camps and catering units.” The sales manager also made a statement on water supply in radioactively contaminated areas: “Using our systems, it is not only possible to purify chemically and biologically contaminated water. Even water containing radioactive contaminants can be treated to produce drinking water which can subsequently be distributed in bottles or bags.”

Recurring catastrophes in the Asia Pacific region were also among the themes of the CBRNe Asia Pacific, which was held for the first time and took place a month after the GSA, also in Singapore. With regard to the events in Japan, Dirk Waldow provided practical information about water purification and material decontamination. At the same time, the salesman presented the vacuum technology used for the decontamination of sensitive equipment: “We have proven our competence and shown that we can cope with future challenges.”