According to Kaercher Futuretech area sales manager Naktel Ben Fraj, Brazil, the country with the largest population in South America, is a real ‘growth market’. It is therefore a must for the committed sales expert to participate with his team at the most important exhibition in Latin America, the ‘Latin America Aerospace and Defense’ (LAAD) in Rio de Janeiro, from April 12-15, 2011.

Water purification systems and catering solutions are central themes at Kaercher Futuretech’s stand at the foot of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. “It has become obvious that clean drinking water and sufficient food range are among the most desirable elements in emergency situations,” states Naktel Ben Fraj, particularly with regard to natural catastrophes such as floods and earthquakes. “Rapidness is of utmost importance and our systems perfectly comply with this requirement,” summarises Tunisian Ben Fraj, a former 100-metre competitive sprinter, who is well-prepared to accept this challenge together with his team. Using the WTC 500 RO, the smallest and most flexible unit of the Waterclean series, it is possible to treat water from any source to produce up to 500 litres of pure drinking water per hour. This system will also be presented at LAAD alongside the multi-cooking module, which represents the central catering element for emergencies in the field. The Brazilian Army has already been using modular field kitchens (MFK) from Kaercher Futuretech for its reconstruction aid in Haiti. Using the MFK, up to 250 persons can be supplied with meals in one cooking cycle. In Argentina, Brazil’s neighbouring country, the gendarmerie prepares ‘Asado’, its national dish, using these catering modules.

With the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, two mega events are looming on the horizon for Brazil. Naktel Ben Fraj is already looking forward to them: “Safety will be of big importance, and here, too, we can offer excellent solutions”, states the sales expert, pointing out a large product range in the area of CBRN protection.

Plenty of discussion topics are ensured at Kaercher Futuretech’s stand, F52c, during the LAAD.