Transport refrigeration specialist Klinge Corporation is making its systems available for tanker operators to carry foodstuffs on long voyages.

The company based in York, Pennsylvania, offers a picture frame refrigeration unit for 20ft containers, made from corrosion-resistant aluminium designed to withstand even severe marine conditions.

With its microprocessor-based climate control system, the Model PFR-571 ZII-II is also highly suitable for transporting temperature-sensitive equipment and materials, even hazardous or self-reactive cargo. Henrik Klinge, president and CEO at Klinge Corp said, “Our picture frame refrigeration unit is designed to withstand all sea-going environment conditions, as deep frozen, frozen, chilled or heated cargo is shipped across the globe. Perfect for the storage and transportation of foods and other perishables on long tanker journeys.”

Resilient and reliable

Built with a hardy aluminium frame, panels and internal components treated to resist corrosion from a salt spray environment, the model PFR-571 unit is tailor-made for long voyages in all areas.

Rolling and pitching seas also present no problems to the PFR-571, while the explosion-proof motors and components within the PFR-571 ZII-II are rated for Zone 2, Group IIA hazardous locations. “We’ve provided systems for the chemicals industry to ship hazardous and self-reactive products,” explained Mr Klinge, “since the explosion-proof motors and other components mean peace of mind for shipping captains across the globe.”

The systems operate in all marine environments, including high humidity and severe atmospheric conditions, from ambient temperatures as low as -30°C (-220°F) up to 52°C (125F), while components are made to withstand temperatures up to 70°C (158F).

Thanks to a fast-acting, microprocessor-controlled refrigeration system, temperatures can be maintained within a degree of desired level, from -29°C (-200F) up to 29°C (840F).

Powered by either a 440-Volt or 230V cable, the system offers a net cooling capacity of just over six kilowatts (20,550 BTU per hour), along with a 4kw heating system. The Mode PFR-571 also features an on-demand defrost system.

Mr Klinge says, “In recent weeks, we’ve had similar systems deployed to Antarctica, where the US Antarctic Program has been using them to transport invaluable ice cores home in pristine condition ready for study.

“This has been a great test of the resilience of these units to a wide range of ambient conditions, from extreme cold down by the South Pole to the heat and humidity of the tropics, with the containers crossing the Equator on their journey back to the US,” adds the Klinge Corp President.
Offering unparalleled reliability, the systems provide easy access for maintenance, with all components except the evaporator coil itself accessible from the front of the unit.

Worldwide operations

Klinge transport refrigeration systems have been used the world over for nearly 30 years, including by military forces, aerospace, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as for highly specialised scientific missions. Founded in 1984, the company is certified to the ISO 9001 standard for its quality management systems.

The company has offices in Denmark and Egypt, along with its manufacturing facilities and headquarters in York, Pennsylvania. Klinge Corporation also features a worldwide network of service points that can support activities in any continent.