Techaya’s MILPOD is an energy grid solution combined with LAN, USB and serial communication for supplying full electrical energy and communication to foot and dismounted soldiers.

The design was inspired by activities in the modern battlefield. This new and unique concept forms the basis for the energy supply system along with all required communication at a tiny size and low weight that can be carried in smart combat vest solutions by soldiers.

Enhanced information and power flow

The MILPOD system provides an advanced power and tactical IP network solution that accommodates military information flow in the modern battlefield. It establishes an instant communication and power pathway between multiple applications, power source and a variety of devices attached to the soldier combat vest to enhance information flow and to facilitate real-time tactical and strategic decisions.

The unit power consumption is below 2W. It contains three smart batteries charges for any smart battery from 6VDC to 36VDC that comply with SMBUS, along with a four ports fast Ethernet switch, a three ports USB switch, two audio ports all packed in a device the size and weight of a cellular phone.

Techaya, Inc. is a prime provider and manufacturer of military, rugged and unique tailor-made solutions to meet extreme conditions. We provide flexibility in meeting the needs and tough demands of the military, security and surveillance markets. Techaya provides leading-edge technology, reliability and sophisticated design. We are putting tremendous effort into providing a competitive rate of cost performance.

We are ISO9001:2000 and AS9100 certified manufacturer which enable us to build J-STD-001 Class-3 standard products.