ZARGES, represented in Australia/NZ by Soanar, have upgraded their K470 containers with new innovative, optimised handles and fasteners, the ZARGES K470 universal containers in high-grade aluminium now offer even more safety and comfort. The reason: The new handles can take even greater loads and will not bend upwards even under enormous strain, and the fasteners, which, unlike conventional fastening mechanisms, do not lose around 80% of their clamping force after approximately 5,000 opening and closing operations, have a significantly longer service life.

The wider gripping surfaces give this all-round container improved stability and optimum handling. The handles are now ten per cent wider and therefore also more easily accessible – even when wearing gloves. And the reinforced handle plates on the new K 470 containers also achieved very good results when tested against comparable products: Even under high load, the handles did not bend upward by more than a limited angle, ensuring reliable protection against injury as a result of the hands getting pinched. And so it is hardly surprising that the new ZARGES handles were also tested for compliance with military standard VG 95446-2 under a load of 375 N. The resulting change in the angle of the handle was only 1.5° compared with the permissible 10°.

The new Comfort fasteners were also tested for their load-bearing capacity and durability. Even after being operated 20,000 times, they still retained sufficient clamping force.

In comparison:

Conventional fasteners have completely lost their clamping force after approximately 8,000 operations. The new Comfort fasteners thus have a far longer service life. And you have a wide choice of designs which make the K 470 containers suitable for an even wider range of applications and ensure maximum safety. For example, the new ZARGES Comfort fasteners can be equipped with a mortise lock or a spring anti-opening feature – or both. And they can also be secured with a shackle lock or a lead seal without problems.

You will find full details of these and further innovations from the ZARGES logistics experts in the new comprehensive catalogue Packaging, Transportation & Storage, which has 100 pages of detailed information on the K470 containers and accessories. A handy index and a new colour coding system make it even easier to find the relevant product groups in the new, extended transport compendium and show you the most important improvements and new features at a glance.