Bohemia Interactive Simulations has released the latest version of VBS2, containing numerous new features and enhancements. Download links general (YYMEA) and trial (YIMWI) customers are available in the VBS2 discussion boards. A new video highlighting VBS2 v1.40 enhancements is also available on our website.

Following is a summary of the improvements:

  • Render to texture: this feature allows video-in-video to be defined in the VBS2 script language, allowing a range of new possibilities including ROVER III terminals, more realistic remote weapon stations (RWS) and vehicle mirrors
  • Improved avatar agility: this feature allows Player characters to climb over obstacles that are waist height and avoid getting stuck on smaller items like rocks
  • Full rotation of objects in the editor: it is now possible to rotate objects in the VBS2 mission editors in any direction, for example, to place a car on its side (to simulate a car crash)
  • Editor tree improvements: the offline and real-time mission editors now have much improved editor trees, providing unit health information, unit icons and most importantly the ability to quickly search the tree
  • Earth curvature and dynamic view distance: curved earth is now simulated for the purpose of 3D models disappearing over the horizon, and dynamic view distance is implemented depending on field-of-view
  • In-game script command help: help text will be displayed when entering script commands into certain text fields (for example initialisation fields)
  • Body dismemberment: a prototype of body dismemberment will be available, allowing certain units to have select body parts removed through VBS2 script
  • Support for chemical lights: chemlights that are only visible in IR can be attached to antennas of HMMWVs
  • New ship models: a range of new ship models including fishing boats, container ships, ferries and a cruise ship is included
  • New USMC, UN models and a range of civilian characters: a range of new USMC models have been added including the Wasp Class LHD and MV-22 Osprey. For ADF UN operations a special version of the Toyota Landcruiser and a range of civilian characters have been added
  • VBS2 map improvements: VBS2 terrains now load much faster due to optimisations, and it is now also possible to set the map origin (MGRS) via the scenario settings menu item from within the offline mission editor. Note that a repack of existing terrains (using the VBS2 Development Suite v1.40) is required in order to see loading time optimisations
  • CNR-Log included: all licenses of VBS2 1.40 (and future VBS2 versions) include CNR-Log , required for playback of recorded voice files in the VBS2 AAR (previously it had to be purchased separately)

Bohemia now focuses on VBS2 v1.50, which is scheduled for a May 2011 release. Our primary focus is removing limitations (for example terrain size) and optimisation, so watch for many exciting new VBS2 capabilities in 2011.