Defence and aerospace applications demand maximum performance, reliability and safety. Whether taking flight or traveling to space, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver protection in any condition. We have developed protective cases, custom drawn components and transport containers for the flightline, airline and aircraft production line, our products are integral to rockets, satellites, planes and helicopters. Our aerospace products offer high-strength, light-weight components with proven reliability needed to meet and exceed extreme aerospace specifications.

We are a solutions manufacturer of durable, high-quality aluminum and plastic cases and enclosures. We offer thousands of pre-tooled sizes and can develop any custom design to meet the most extreme aerospace specifications.

Modular containers

Custom engineered cases to meet your exacting needs, modular containers are made from light-weight aluminum and make exceptional reusable shipping and storage containers.

One of the major economies to be gained in specifying aluminum modular containers is that they are reusable. Your first cost is your last cost when you choose these rugged shipping and storage containers. Not only does the unique construction hold weight down to a minimum, but the modular container also has a high strength-to-weight ratio for maximum protection at minimum transport cost. It can pay for itself in transportation savings alone.

For a detailed list of case sizes and dimensions, please refer to the transit and storage technical white papers on the company website.

Advantages of the cases

  • Meets all logistical requirements: can be handled manually, by crane, hoist or fork lift truck and can be stacked and palletised
  • No tools required to assemble/disassemble
  • Easy, fast, economical accessorising with standard options
  • Meets applicable provisions of MIL-C-4150, MIL-T-2889, MIL-STD-108 and MIL-STD-810, Def Stan 81 41 level J
  • Attractive design: because of their ‘image impact’ they receive greater care from freight handlers than ordinary packaging
  • Highly versatile, allowing for entire systems to have a family resemblance in packaging and appearance
  • Available handling fixtures integral with the case for safe storage with easy access to fragile items
  • Each container serves as its own warehouse through its optimum environmental protection even in open storage
  • Maximum shock and isolation protection to solve any shock or vibration requirements
  • Virtually endless sizes available: built to specifications, without incurring extra expense, offering maximum construction flexibility