On the battlefield, events are unpredictable, and things happen
fast. When a soldier is injured, time is always against you.
In a life-or-death situation, quick access to your equipment is vital, and can often mean the difference between saving lives and
losing them.

Once again, Hardigg Cases comes to the rescue with a
Mobile Armory FiledPak solution. The FieldPak from Hardigg
combines a softshell padded rifle case with our toughest hardshell
protective case for the best of both worlds. In the field, the softshell padded case is lightweight and maneuverable enough to get you into position quickly. Whether strapped onto your back or grabbed by the handles, this rugged case moves conveniently with you. Roomy enough for oversized scopes, the FildPak cushions your rifle with a 3/8″ of shock and moisture absorbent, polyurethane-coated Cordura nylon.

On the move, the padlockable hardshell case backs it up with impact, temperature and moisture resistance for total protection. Together, they offer the most security possible for your weapon. Don’t go halfway when it comes to protecting your weapon – go double duty.