IVECO Defence Vehicles Division is proud to announce that the Norwegian Defence Procurement Division (NDPD) has signed a contract for the supply of 25 Iveco Light Multirole Vehicles (LMV) - light armoured tactical vehicles with an option for a further 47 units.

The NDPD selected the LMV following a comprehensive assessment in which LMV competed against a number of international competitors, including the Mowag Eagle IV.

LMV has already won contracts from UK, Belgian and the Italian Armies for more than 2,000 units, and is fast becoming the vehicle of choice in this class.

Iveco developed LMV to meet the emerging need for cost effective, adaptable, protected mobility. Designed along Iveco’s 'dual role’ principles it can operate unarmoured or, with no change to its external appearance or capability, composite armour panels can be installed to provide the crew protection up to Stanag Level 3 against direct fire and mines. This allows the commander to readily adapt to the prevailing operational environment and trade payload capacity for personnel protection.

Versions include a long wheel base troop carrier allowing upto 7 dismounts, ambulance, command post, reconnaissance vehicle and weapon carrier.

This lightweight, anti-mine tactical vehicle incorporates the following key features:

  • High strategic mobility, i.e. transportable by C-130J and C-27J/C.160 aircraft and CH-47 and CH53 heavy lift helicopters
  • High tactical mobility with fast maximum road speed coupled with optimal off-road characteristics and cross-country performance
  • High protection levels against anti tank land mines, favouring crew protection over vehicle integrity
  • Modular construction enabling protection levels to be tailored to meet a variety of mine and ballistic threats
  • Low vehicle profile and signature, minimising optical, thermal and radar detection risk

The Iveco LMV is without doubt a class-leading light armoured tactical vehicle and with confirmed orders from four European armies has shown that it is a vehicle ideally suited to today’s global defence needs.