Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground’s challenging off-road circuit has been approved by Lantra as one of its training and assessment centres for 4×4 driving courses designed to raise the skill levels of drivers of all-wheel-drive vehicles. The approval came at the beginning of August, just a few days before Lantra launched its revised and upgraded 4×4 driving courses.

Any of Lantra’s 450 training providers can now book the Bruntingthorpe off-road facility so that 4×4 instructors can undertake training and assessments. There are 60 Lantra-approved 4×4 instructors throughout the country. Lantra, which has 40 years’ experience of providing training and raising skill levels for industry, especially in the land-based sectors, offers 4×4 off-road courses for professional drivers, experienced drivers and recreational drivers.

Bruntingthorpe’s approval came after a thorough assessment of the many features it offers by a Lantra official using one of the proving ground’s Big Thunder event Mitsubishi L200 all-wheel-drive pick-up trucks.

Continuous development of Bruntingthorpe’s off-road course and innovative incorporation of some of the airfield’s former military installations has seen the construction of several challenging features designed to test both off-road vehicles and their drivers. The multi-route course includes variable-depth wading troughs, steep inclines and descents, as well as tracks typically found in Third World territories.

Paul Atkin, Bruntingthorpe’s general manager of business development, said Lantra approval was yet another feather in the proving ground’s cap: “Our cross-country 4×4 facilities are used by vehicle manufacturers and military customers, so it is very pleasing that Lantra has formally recognised their value in the drive to raise skill levels through training and assessment.”