SPINNER has received an order for a 14-channel rotary joint slip ring assembly for the Flight Level Radar (FLR). The whole Akash system (CAR, FLR, WLR) is highly IT-integrated, i.e. the rotary joint needs to be highly integrated and compact as well. With 14 RF channels, 151 slip ring ways for power and signal and a 3-channel Fast Ethernet transmission this is a very complex rotary joint and one of the core components of the radar.

The FLR is the heart of the weapon system which is a multifunction phased array radar. The FLR can simultaneously track up to 64 targets and in addition guide eight missiles towards four targets. Electronically steered beams enable agility in switching between various functions of the radar. It has a slewing antenna which enables 360° coverage in azimuth. The radar is equipped with advanced Electronic Counter Counter Measure (ECCM) features.