Utilizing knowledge and expertise in the field of night vision lighting, Oxley has designed and manufactured a suite of LED deck lights for naval and marine platforms. Compromising deck edge units, deck wash and line up lights they are designed as a complete fit and forget replacement for incandescent technology.

To date the marine market has been slow to adopt the use of LED technology in areas such as helicopter and flight decks, but end users now demand the capability enhancement and long term benefits associated with LEDs, while increasing the operational capability of the vessel to allow aircraft to land on-board, at night using night vision goggles.

Incorporated neatly onto the deck’s surface, these slim line robust lights have a deck paint finish and are designed to withstand the weight of a heavy load. Making use of Oxley NVG FriendlyTM technology they are visible to the naked eye, but have a reduced infra red signature so they do not adversely interfere with the performance of the night vision goggles, so they are suitable for day and night time use. The lights can also incorporate dual mode technology, offering infra-red covert option.

Using Oxley LED lighting systems on board ships gives increased reliability and safety for crew members and eliminates the need to carry spare bulbs at sea. The fit and forget technology is simpler to install and significantly reduces through life costs of maintenance associated with incandescent bulb replacements, while also freeing up vital storage space for bulbs.

The naval lighting suite compromises:

  • The deck wash lights that provide a wash of bright white light across the flight deck, visible with the naked eye and NVG friendly through the goggles
  • The line up lights that are unidirectional and point at the pilots as they approach the ship, showing them a high visibility centre line to guide them as they land
  • The deck edge lights that mark out the edges of the deck and include ultra low profile, ease of assembly, and a low infra red signature which is visible through night vision goggles

The new deck lights suite forms part of a total naval solution which also includes new developments in internal compartment and hangar lights. An established and proven supplier of LED lighting to the naval market, Oxley supplies LED panel lamps that are used widely on naval and submarine platforms across the world. Oxley also supplied earlier LED deck lights for the HSV-S1 Joint Venture retrofit high speed catamaran that was modified for use by the US military and also supplied lighting systems for the Invincible Class Warships.

Perfect for both retro-fit and new build naval and marine platforms, these new lights are a fantastic solution any ship used in both day and night time operations.