The Portico Project announces release of Portico version 1.0, the free, open source, Run Time Infrastructure (RTI) for the defense and IEEE distributed simulation networking standard High Level Architecture (HLA) 1.3.

Development of Portico, especially the final work to achieve version 1.0, was supported by the Australian Defence Simulation Office (ADSO). Commercial support for Portico includes application consulting and technical support from Calytrix Technologies.

“I and many others at Calytrix—and elsewhere—believe that HLA has not been widely adopted outside of military/defense environments at least partly because of the high costs of acquiring the necessary HLA Run Time Infrastructure software,” Damon Curry, international sales manager, Calytrix Technologies, told MT2. He continued, “As an open source HLA RTI, and thus free to everyone, Portico has the potential to greatly expand the use of distributed simulation and training, within defense and in other industries. There have been more than 5,000 downloads of Portico to date.”