The German-based swordsmith Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. (WKC) has been appointed as the official supplier of ceremonial dress swords for the British army’s Royal Logistic Corps.

The hand-forged 825 mm long blade of the ceremonial sword is acid-etched on both sides with the Royal Logistic Corp logo, and has a hardness of ca. 48-52° HRC Rockwell, combining intricate craftsmanship with rugged durability.

The sword features a hand-crafted, brass cast guard with a nickel plate finish, and has a stingray-skin grip with silver-plate wiring.
The sword’s scabbard is either steel with a hand polished nickel plate finish, or calf leather.

In September 2005, WKC acquired a substantial number of tools and machinery from Wilkinson Sword, the traditional supplier of dress swords for the British army, following the closure of Wilkinson’s factory in Acton, London. The procurement of these machines meant that WKC was able to continue manufacturing swords to the standards and specifications precedented by Wilkinson Sword, and this cemented their position as the official supplier of dress swords and accessories to the British Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Based in Solingen, Germany, WKC is the oldest operational sword manufacturer in the world, with a history of creating and supplying military swords which dates back to 1883. Currently, they supply ceremonial dress swords and accessories to the US, British, Belgian, French, German, Austrian and Irish armed forces.