Leading manufacturer of small arms and integrated weapon systems FN HERSTAL will be exhibiting two new products at the FIDAE Show in Santiago de Chile, from 27th March through to 2nd April 2006.

For the first time in Latin America, the recently developed 7.62 MINIMI Light Machine Gun specially dedicated to dismounted infantrymen and special forces will be on display at FIDAE.

The new MINIMI has been specifically designed to fit the market requirements for a 7.62mm light machine gun which are to give the soldier “the power of 7.62 ammunition in the weight of a 5.56 machine gun” whilst offering similar ergonomics and having many parts in common with the internationally known 5.56 MINIMI. Whoever is familiar with the 5.56 MINIMI will be able to use the 7.62 MINIMI with no extra training.

FN Herstal’s engineers are continuously working on improving existing products. For many decades indeed, FN Herstal has designed and manufactured integrated weapon systems including either 7.62 mm or .50 Cal machine guns for multi-role aircraft or helicopters.

Until recently, three standard configurations with the .50 Cal M3M machine gun were available, i.e. floor-, window- or externally-mounted. A new configuration has recently been developed to meet the severe performance specifications required by the airborne missions. Now, the .50 cal M3M machine gun can also be installed on the ramp of most helicopters. For the first time in Latin America, this new configura-tion will be on display at FIDAE.

In addition to these two new products, FN Herstal will also be displaying its well-known products.

The world-known 5.56 MINIMI Machine Gun (already mentioned above) has demonstrated outstanding reliability in all combat conditions and is already adopted in some 45 countries as a standard issue for the armed forces or with special forces units.

The F2000 Integrated Weapon System 5.56 calibre, which combines innovative features, modern technology and top quality components, is modular and capable of taking a variety of accessories to meet the diverse operational requirements facing modern military units today and in the future.

The 5.7 Weapon System includes the P90 Submachine Gun and the Five-seveN Tactical Pistol. Both weapons fire 5.7 x 28mm rounds, with reduced risks of collateral damage. Currently fielded in over 40 countries, in all environments, the 5.7 weapon system remains unchallenged as close combat and personal defence weapons.

The FN303 Less Lethal Launcher is an innovative product fully developed around the less lethality concept. It allows neutralisation and seizure of suspects with maximum effectiveness and minimum risk. Designed to shoot exclusively less lethal projectiles, the FN303 is the unique solution for any scenario where less lethal force is an option. Typical situations are peace keeping operations and surveillance and protection of sensitive areas.