Systematic has today launched a range of packaged professional services to assist customers with the conception, deployment and management of command and control (C2) systems.

Systematic Professional Services compliments the off-the-shelf SitaWare C2 and IRIS interoperability software suites, and has been created to embrace the entire lifecycle of a C2 system, from initial design, installation and adaptation to familiarisation, operation and through-life capability management.

“Our experts have provided specialist C2 consultancy to army, navy and air force customers in over 40 countries for over 25 years,” says Karen Søndergaard, Vice President Business Development & Operations. “From our experience in directing entire projects, to providing specific advice for particular phases, we have found that our customers face very similar challenges. This is why we have created our packaged services, so that customers can purchase professional expertise at a fixed price.”

Implementing a C2 system requires strong change management skills, and Systematic Professional Services assist customers through each phase of planning, installation and maintenance.

The full range of packaged services takes hardware and software into account, as well as legacy systems, doctrine, operational procedures and interoperability. The packaged services ensure that everything is integrated efficiently so that armed forces not only gain valuable benefits expected from a modern C2 system, but also avoid costly mistakes, pitfalls and difficulties throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.