Down under was the latest destination of Kärcher Futuretech sales manager Dirk Waldow, and the purpose of his trip was clear: He could not miss the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace and Defence Exposition (AVALON 2009) in Geelong, Victoria, the most important meeting of the Asian-Pacific aerospace and defence industry, where Kärcher Futuretech presented its range of products together with its partner companies Point Trading Group for NBC protection systems and XTEK Limited for field camps and water purification systems.

Also present was Kärcher Pty Ltd, Kärcher’s affiliate in Australia, which complemented the exhibits with yellow line products.

Mr Waldow and his well-rehearsed team received a big response to the solutions presented in the area of NBC protection systems, field camps and mobile water purification. The Australian defence forces have been purifying their water using systems of the Kärcher Futuretech Waterclean range since 2000, following a peacekeeping mission in the South East Asian insular state of East Timor.

At the exhibition the circle was completed. After the mission in East Timor, the Waterclean 1600 G systems returned to the Australian continent and have since been handed over to Australia’s air force. Previously on site for the needs of mobile mission forces, one of the systems was used as a demonstration object in the outside area of the airshow, to the great pleasure of the Kärcher Futuretech representative.

Consequently Mr Waldow noticed a strong interest in the highly innovative water purification products, such as the water bottling plant (WBP 700) or water packaging system (WPS 300) as a logical extension of the value-added chain, and true to the motto: “From the source to consumption.”

Mr Waldow, who is in charge of Australia and Oceania for Kärcher, said: “Our innovative water treatment products are completely in line with the current trend. It’s now up to us to make our down under sales figures soar to new heights. They are also thinking about procuring products for field camps.” He also said he would like to propose the worldwide-proven Kärcher Futuretech field camp concept to troops on the fifth continent.