Following market requirements, Belgium-based firearms manufacturer FN Herstal has recently designed and developed a new integrated weapons system called the Medium Vehicle Pintle (MVP) that provides vehicles operated by Armed Forces – and Special Forces in particular – with maximum firepower.

The medium vehicle Pintle is derived from technology that has contributed to FN Herstal’s success in airborne applications over the recent years.

The MVP features:

  • The exclusive .50 cal M3P/M3M (GAU-21) machine guns, which is currently in use on more than 2,500 helicopters and subsonic aircraft worldwide, providing a high firing rate of 1,100 rounds per minute and featuring unique operating angles (80° elevation and 80° depression)
  • A soft mount system that absorbs recoil forces and guarantees outstanding balance during burst and unequalled firing accuracy
  • A 300-round ammunition box mounted on the pintle head, which eliminates the need for a flexible chute
  • A telescopic shoulder brace which ensures maximum comfort for short and long range target acquisition
  • A standard pintle connection interface for easy installation on the vehicle
  • An optional links collector

The MVP is a fully mechanical system that does not require any electrical power to function, making firing possible even under extreme conditions of electrical power loss of vehicle.

The well thought out design of the MVP has resulted in the most powerful and reliable vehicle weapons system on the market, combining light weight, compact size and optimum efficiency.

The Medium Vehicle Pintle will be on display in FN Herstal’s booth at EUROSATORY in Paris from 14 to 18 June 2010 (Belgian Pavilion, Hall 6, Stand No. F201).