East Midlands Police Force Air Support Unit required a solution to provide exceptional lighting and control capabilities for pilots during rescue, security and patrol operations. Systems Interface delivered the industry leading renewable power and lighting solution – the Avlite Systems AV425-RF radio controlled solar LED helipad lighting system.

The air support unit’s chief pilot, Captain Graham Hancock, stated: “The lights are working very well and in high use for NVG operations.”

The radio-controlled AV425-RF, frangible mounting systems and portable hand held controller will provide UK pilots an illuminated helipad for night and day operations in both visible and infrared LED lighting intensities. Using a 2.4GHz encrypted mesh network, the AV425 can be activated from the ground, air traffic control tower or cockpit of the helipad via VHF radio signal or through the use of the Avlite hand held controller.

With a custom omni-directional polycarbonate lens designed to ICAO photometric requirements, pilots can clearly identify the helipad on approach or from above during hovering or in low visibility weather. In addition, Avlite’s AV MESH network allows all lights to communicate via a command and receive redundant network providing fail-safe, self-realising wireless communications.