Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications is rapidly evolving from a futuristic concept to a readily available, multi-use technology that stands to revolutionize the safety, economy, utility and environmental impact of transportation. Rajant Corporation, a leading provider of pervasive, multi-band and multi-frequency wireless solutions, will offer an intriguing preview of this emerging technology at the inaugural AutoVenture Forum on September 22, 2010 at the Rock Financial Showcase in Novi, Michigan.

Following a national search by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for unique technologies, Rajant Corporation was one of twelve companies selected to present, based on its compelling offering that supports the meeting’s theme of vehicle connectivity.

Today, there exists standards-based technology that not only proves the concept of V2V and ‘vehicle-to-network’ wireless broadband networking, but handles multiple applications and provides the capability and capacity to expand to accommodate future applications. Rajant provides this technology to a growing list of worldwide customers in the telecommunication service provider, military, first responder and mining markets.

“The application of wireless mesh networking technology to V2V communications opens doors to multiple opportunities for vehicle manufacturers, maintenance organizations and consumers alike,” commented Rajant CEO Bob Schena. “We’re excited to share our vision of how the addition of a low-cost four-radio, multi-frequency card bus can effectively transform a vehicle into a dynamic, mobile networking device.”

By using Rajant technology already proven in challenging, bandwidth and application-intensive environments, and marrying it to existing on-board vehicle diagnostic systems, automobile manufacturers and dealers and fleet managers, can realize instant, substantial business benefits. Consumers, meanwhile, would benefit from the added safety, fuel economy, and pre-emptive maintenance benefits that ultimately prolong the life of a vehicle.

There are immediate and tangible environmental benefits as well. With 12m to 15m vehicles sold annually in the US, the impact of pre-emptive diagnostics on fuel consumption, air pollution, and disposal of chemicals and components (tires, system fluids, heavy metal-based electronics) would be imminent and considerable.

The available technology is proven, based on standards, and highly cost-effective. In addition, it is readily expandable to accommodate new applications and address future regulatory compliance. Future applications range from providing full broadband connectivity to the vehicle along with related applications ranging from vehicle condition monitoring and reporting, traffic routing, collision avoidance, emergency communications, Internet radio, smart phone extension and more.

The AutoVenture Forum is an invitation only event for presenting companies as well as automotive industry representatives and qualified investors. If you wish to attend the event on September 22, 2010 please email and specify your interest.