RUAG Aviation enhances its well known 3-in-1 EW-Tester missim with a Wideband Radar module. The Wideband Radar emitter allows testing EW systems on the flight line with close-to-real threats in a wide frequency range. The new functionality can be installed substitutionally for the existing radar module.

RUAG Aviation, a well known supplier of EW products like the ISSYS-POD and the EW tester missim enhances the capabilities of missim with a wideband radar module offering a frequency range of 1.5 – 18 GHz with the frequency being adjustable in small steps and 36 GHz as frequency in the Ka-band. The module supports pulse-, amplitude- and frequency modulation in line with the characteristics of most threats.

The user with this new functionality can perform an enhanced pre-mission or flight line test using close to reality and hence very relevant threats. Additionally a test of all EW system internal signal paths is possible on the flight line, increasing the confidence in the system usability being crucial for the mission.

The definition of these new and sometimes complex threats is done by the missim PC software that allows the user to define complex threats and test scenarios in a very short time using a graphical user interface being well known from standard PC applications.

The wideband radar module is available with missim in any emitter configuration (missile, laser and wideband radar) but also can be used to upgrade a missim already deployed in the field. Shipments of series production units to customers will start in first half of 2011.