SPINNER has received an order from the Business Division EADS Defence and Security of EADS Deutschland GmbH, of Ulm, to supply 6-channel rotary joints with integrated slip ring and Induktosyn angle sensor for the solid-state air traffic control radar ASR-S. Due to an innovative concept for integrating the Induktosyn angle sensor we can guarantee excellent performance of our rotary joint.

The radar system is mainly designed for controlling and securing military air traffic. Its function is ensured even under the most adverse weather conditions and with high traffic density. It includes a primary radar antenna and a monopulse secondary antenna mounted above it. The system is part of the urgently needed modernisation of all Bundeswehr air fields.

Comprehensive signal processing and high tracking accuracy support the secure control of typical military flight manoeuvres such as formation flying, extreme flight manoeuvres and stationary hovering of helicopters.
Now SPINNER and EADS have to jointly implement an ambitious schedule until the system is put into service.