Anderson Power Products® (APP), a leader in high power interconnect solutions, represented in ANZ by Soanar, introduces its new SPEC Pak connector. The SPEC Pak (Sealed Power for Environmental Connections) has an environmentally sealed IP67 shell to protect existing APP contacts and housings. The company’s customer-configured SPEC Pak Connectors may be used anywhere a rugged or water proof high power, signal and ground interconnect solution is required such as in:

  • Mass transportation
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Factory automation
  • Oil and petro-chemical exploration
  • Agricultural equipment, and many more

The core technology within and protected by the SPEC Pak is Powerpoles. Powerpoles have decades of proven reliability at cost effective prices and give users extensive options which may be specified to empower designers of power, signal and ground connections flexibility. When Powerpoles are combined within the SPEC Pak, the result is a powerful environmental interconnect for use in a vast array of demanding applications.

The core APP Powerpole technology within the SPEC Pak is proven reliable and cost effective. The broad selection of color coded housings offer versatility with power housings ( standard and finger proof) that handle up to 45amps as well as signal and ground housings for design flexibility. These housings combined with contacts for wire gauges #24 to 10 AWG (0.25mm#178; to 4mm²) provide users with thousands of possible design solutions in a single interconnect. The SPEC Pak utilizes an industry standard panel mount cut out – 26482/5015 shell size 24 and the touch safe housings meet UL1977, Section 10.2.

Anderson Power Products’ SPEC Pak users will enjoy many advantages, such as an economic total installed cost, size to power performance ratio, simplistic ease of assembly, and practically endless options for customer configurability.