Bohemia Interactive is very excited to announce that the Canadian Forces recently purchased an Enterprise License of VBS2, including the latest version of the VBS2 Virtual Training Kit (VTK) and also VBS2Fusion. The Enterprise License allows an unlimited number of VBS2 seats to be distributed across the Canadian Forces and also provided to contractors on an as-needed basis.

The Canadian Forces are very familiar with VBS2 and have employed it for several years. They initially purchased 150 licenses for use at CFB Valcartier, Quebec in 2007 and later leased another 500 for wider distribution. VBS2 has been used in Canada for tactical training, career courses (such as the Troop Warrant Officers course at the Canadian Armour School), and during Exercise Winged Warrior, an annual helicopter mission simulation exercise set in a geo-specific Afghan virtual environment.

The Enterprise License includes VBS2Fusion, the new VBS2 Application Programming Interface (API) tailor-made for connecting external applications to the VBS2 simulation engine. VBS2Fusion can be used to connect external hardware with VBS2, such as surrogate call-for-fire devices, integrating externally-controlled artificial intelligence or creating custom user interfaces. VBS2Fusion allows the Canadians to integrate VBS2 with true military simulators, well beyond simple desktop training use.

The Canadian Forces Enterprise License sees the majority of ABCA + NZ using VBS2, with other Enterprise customers including the ADF, NZDF, UK MOD, USMC and US Army. VBS2 is quickly becoming an unofficial standard for game-based training across these premier military organisations, and the VBS2 user base continues to grow.

Peter Morrison, CEO of the Bohemia Interactive Simulations Group, stated “Bohemia Interactive is extremely proud that the Canadian Forces have chosen VBS2, and we look forward to supporting their ongoing use of this versatile training tool. It is pleasing to see that games are a readily accepted medium for military training and mission rehearsal.”

The VBS2 roll-out is scheduled to commence shortly, supported by professional services such as training courses and VBS2 development specific to the Canadian Forces.