Aimpoint AB is pleased to announce that the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) has concluded three years of trials and evaluations of numerous optical sights for small arms from manufacturers all over the world, and consequently has awarded a commission to supply a passive Red Dot Sight system to Aimpoint AB.

The commission is for at least 60,000 Red Dot Sights to be supplied over a three year period between 2003 and 2005. The award to Aimpoint AB is a result of vigorous testing and evaluations by the Swedish authorities to define and procure the best suitable aiming sight designated to improve the low light target acquisition and increase further the accuracy of the Swedish soldier under low light conditions.

This contract with FMV is one of the largest single contracts for small arms optical sights in the world. Aimpoint AB, a part of the GS-Development Group, has previously won similarly large contracts to supply the US Army and French Army and continues to supply Special Forces and Law Enforcement world wide.

‘Aimpoint has been awarded this contract in open competition in accordance with the Swedish Public Procurement Act. In the evaluation process, Aimpoint has not had any advantage whatsoever from the fact that it is a Swedish company. The contract was awarded to Aimpoint thanks to a very high technical competence within the company, a sharp ear towards FMV’s requirements and last but not least thanks to a very well trimmed and cost conscious organisation which allowed for Aimpoint’s quotation to be the most beneficial for FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces’ says Carl Söderquist, Project Manager at FMV.

‘For a company as highly specialized as Aimpoint, contracts such as these are very important. Being a niche company, we must be the preferred supplier world wide in our category of product. We have managed well in this respect. This was a government tender open to all manufacturers world wide and to win this award against such diverse competition was important not only because of the size of the contract, but also it is obviously of great strategic value.’ says Per Sandberg, President of Aimpoint AB.