SM Carapace invites you to join the SM Group at Defexpo India 2010, the sixth in a series of biennial land and naval defence systems exhibitions, which will be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from 15-18 February 2010.

The exhibition will serve as an international platform for global defence industries, users and technologists to meet and participate in the extensive dialogue on capability assessment and future requirements.

SM Group will be showcasing major defence related initiatives and activities, including:

  • Boron carbide plates for armour applications
  • Combustible cartridge cases for tanks and artillery guns
  • Lightweight composite armour panels for helicopters, aircraft, ships and boats
  • Personal armour including bullet proof jackets, vests, helmets, and shields
  • Augmenting charge containers for mortar bombs
  • Vehicle armouring – up-armoured and tactical vehicles

At the Defexpo India 2010 SM Group will also launch CaraSTOP Boron Carbide, the third-hardest material known to mankind and the lightest material for hard armour applications. SM Group is proud to be one of few manufacturers of this wonder material worldwide.

Please find us at the Defexpo India 2010 at stall number 14, hall 7a, as well as stall number 2, main entrance, hall number 7.