ARROWS is the world’s most advanced remotely operated weapon station. Truly versatile, it can be equipped with an assortment of machine guns or 40mm grenade launchers. It offers total protection for the operator since it is aimed and fired from beneath the armour. ARROWS is the result of the combined expertise of FN HERSTAL, global leader in small arms, and Oerlikon Contraves, a leading systems integrator.

ARROWS is designed to fulfil the most demanding operational requirements. Our extensive experience with armed forces worldwide combined with over 100 years experience in ballistics guarantees that the ARROWS will be effective, reliable and easily maintainable.

System Description

ARROWS consists of the following major assemblies:

  • The above deck weapon and sensor subsystems and Control Unit (CU)
  • The Operator Console + D.U.(display unit) + C.H.(control handle) located inside the vehicle


  • Unmatched accuracy: Sp <1,5m @ 1000m
  • Versatile system: accepts 7.62 GPMG, .50 M2, .50M3 machine guns and Mk19 40mm HV grenade launcher
  • Guaranteed performance whatever the shooting angle: 360° capability, +55° elevation, -20° depression, ‘no fire’ limitations
  • Guaranteed performance even in severe environmental conditions: system is fully protected against weather
  • Day and night use: CCD camera + thermal camera
  • Maximum personal protection: operator remotely controls the system from fully protected position
  • Increased hit probability with use of the UNIQUE high rate of fire (1,100 rpm) M3S .50 Cal machine gun
  • Full manual operation: system easily released in case of power failure
  • Very low recoil forces: thanks to the soft mount

Modular Basic Configuration

Performance can be enhanced with the following options:

  • Stabilisation for firing on the move
  • Ballistic protection for hostile environment
  • Laser range finder and ballistic computer for sighting improvement
  • Embedded trainer, for increased operator performance
  • Built-in test for failure detection
  • De-icing system for camera/sight optics
  • Cleaning system for camera/sight optics
  • Remote operation – system can be controlled from sheltered location, up to 30m from vehicle
  • Network communications channel/system be linked to other screen displays or data-linked with radios
  • Links and cases collector
  • Smoke Grenade Launchers


Designed for easy integration into any type of vehicle (LVs, LAVs, AIFVs,…)


  • Precise, rapid acquisition and effective destruction of land, sea and air targets, either fixed or mobile, up to 2,500m
  • Ideally suited to vehicle self-protection, perimeter defence, observation, reconnaissance and area surveillance