Belgium-based FN Herstal, a world leader in small arms manufacture, will exhibit two innovative products at MILIPOL 2009, Paris, from 17 through 20 November 2009 (Hall 1, Booth no. 13B054 in the Belgian Pavilion).

The FN Moving Red Dot Fire Control Unit: To ensure grenades reach the target

Successful target engagement with tube-launched grenades requires precise range estimation to the target and launch at the exact elevation angle, while keeping correct azimuth aiming.

With FN Herstal’s Moving Red Dot Fire Control Unit (FCU), the shooter can now rely on a light, compact and device to significantly increase the effectiveness of grenade launchers.

The FN FCU consists of:

  • A laser range finder (LRF), which calculates the distance between the shooter and the target
  • A clinometer, which measures the difference in elevation between the shooter and the target
  • A ballistic computer, which calculates the angle of launch required
  • A moving red dot sight (MRD), which gives the correct aiming point

The FN FCU is 155mm long, 87mm wide and 76mm high, and weighs 560g (without batteries)

The FN FCU can be fitted on any rifle or grenade launcher with a top Picatinny rail.

The FN Black Box: For efficient operations and maintenance logistics

Taking advantage of innovative technologies, FN Herstal has designed and built an easy to use Black Box that acts as a weapon manager for efficient protection in day-to-day operations.

The FN Black Box detects, discriminates, counts shots, measures burst rates and burst lengths, records firing sequences and detects stoppages due to failures to cycle. Storing such information allows preventive maintenance and facilitates corrective maintenance, which greatly increases weapon reliability and availability.

The FN Black Box can also communicate useful information to the chain of command during a mission. It contains the identification number of the weapon and, thus, can indirectly identify the soldier. When coupled to a GPS, it can transmit its identification and localization data to the upper level of the command through the communication equipment of the soldier.

The FN Black Box is a molded module that fits in any weapon type. It features a non-replaceable battery that has a service life of 10 years and a recording capacity of 100,000 rounds.

These two innovative products are part of an expanded global solution under development by FN Herstal, a world renowned weapons manufacturer. Known as Armatronics™, it is a fully integrated system of electronic solutions mounted on or inside a weapon. Additional enhancements for increased functionality to the system are on the horizon as new technologies are explored.

By developing and building the Armatronics™ system, FN Herstal is now positioned as a major player in the integrated soldier systems market.

For more information regarding FN Herstal’s innovative products, visit us at our booth at MILIPOL 2009.