Iveco Defence Vehicles has announced that the Italian Army placed an order on 20 December 2010, for a batch of 12 MPV in the ambulance version (named VTMM Ambulance by the Italian Army) to be delivered between 2011 and 2012.

The ambulance version of the MPV-VTMM has been developed on the basis of the MPV 4×4 platform increasing the volumes and ergonomy. The vehicle is equipped with two stretchers and will transport a crew of four people: driver, commander, medical officer, nurse. A suitable system for loading stretchers has been developed. The vehicle will be equipped with NBC protection system.

MPV – VTMM 4×4

Since its official presentation at Eurosatory 2010, MPV-VTMM vehicle family has made decisive steps towards serial production. The MPV-VTMM family is based on a military off-the-shelf truck chassis combined with a protected crew cell, which incorporates the driver’s cabin and cargo compartment. In the 4×4 version the safety cell offers more than 13m³ volume, whereas in the ambulance
version this volume is increased to 16m³. The maximum combat weight of up to 18t and a chassis capable of mastering the toughest of terrains therefore give MPV-VTMM
4×4 excellent tactical mobility in all missions.

The MPV family leverages on the know-how of two of the major European companies involved in armoured vehicles production, Iveco DV and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) of Germany. In June 2008 the two companies signed a cooperation agreement on the development of a new military vehicle family in the weight class of 18t – 25t.

For the VTMM-MPV Ambulance, Iveco is responsible for the final protection level and for the integration of all specific equipment according to the requirements of the
Italian Army.

Crew protection against mines and IED was accorded particular priority during the design process. The integrity of the crew cell is maintained through a series of design features. The bonnet is hinged to the chassis rather than the crew cell and the rear cargo compartment is so designed that it will readily blow off, allowing the energy from a mine blast to dissipate. The base steel armour of the crew cell provides a high level of ballistic protection and this can be further enhanced through the use of appliqué protection developed in co-design with IBD to meet the predicted threat.

The MPV-VTMM family of vehicles is based on military off-the shelf (COTS) high-mobility chassis derived from the Trakker range, which not only provide a superior mobility but also allow the customer to exploit the Iveco worldwide logistic system. The MPV-VTMM 4×4 is equipped with Cursor 8 engines coupled with semiautomatic gearbox and differential-locking system, permanent all-wheel drive with
automatic tyre-pressure regulation and run-flat tyres.

The MPV family can effortlessly take on slopes of up to 60% and ride along side slopes up to 30% – at a range of more than 700km, or 430mil, without refueling. The modular design allows the crew compartment to be readily configured in a variety of different roles.

The future of VTMM

The MPV-VTMM platform, due to this flexibility, can be declined in several other versions, while maintaining the level of protection of basic configuration. Some of the
possibilities already under study and development are:

  • Advanced combat recce team (ACRT)
  • Explosive ordnance devices disposal (EODD)
  • Electronic warfare (EW-RCIED)
  • Command post (CP)
  • Communications
  • Logistic