Aimpoint AB, the innovator and world leader in electronic red-dot sighting technology is introducing a Fire Control System for handheld and crew-served weapons. The introduction of the Aimpoint® FCS12 follows after a period of intense product development and initial deliveries on a contract for the Swedish Defense Forces. The Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) placed an order with Aimpoint in April 2009 for the supply of a Fire Control System for the M/86 Carl Gustaf 84mm recoilless rifle.

“The Aimpoint® FCS12 is a unique product on the market and development has forced Aimpoint to take a huge step in research and development in order to meet customer requirements and our own expectations,” says Aimpoint President Mr. Lennart Ljungfelt. “The Aimpoint® FCS12 implies a dramatic increase in hit probability, and reduces time used for engagement, which in turn raise the overall effectiveness of the weapon system considerably.”

The Aimpoint® FCS12 comprises a sight module with a Laser Range Finder, a ballistic computer and a state-of-the-art heads-up display as well as a wireless remote control. Despite the advanced technology and complexity of the product, operation in a combat situation is extremely user friendly and intuitive. In most cases, the operator only needs to push one button before pulling the trigger of the weapon.