Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in electronic red dot sighting technology, has been awarded a new contract from the US Army for supply of up to 565,783 M68 Close Combat Optic rifle sights. The Aimpoint CompM4s was chosen following an extensive evaluation and competitive trial of available optical sights by the Army s Research and Development Command (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ.

Aimpoint was the only manufacturer whose product fulfilled the Army s rigorous testing criteria during this evaluation, and is the only manufacturer to be selected as a qualified vendor for this contract.

The sight chosen by the Army, the Aimpoint CompM4s, features a battery compartment positioned near the sight base, which gives the sight a streamlined profile and places the switch and battery in a more protected position. A ruggedized switch knob has been integrated as part
of the battery compartment housing and features seven night vision compatible settings and nine daylight settings. The modular QRP2 mount maximizes product application for all M4 carbines and M16 rifles, and eliminates the need for a separate mounting ring.

The electronic components in the CompM4s include the latest ACET diode circuitry, which allows the sight to run
continuously for up to eight years on a single battery, and features an internal voltage regulator that makes it possible to utilize any AA sized battery found worldwide for power. The sight features a two minute-of-angle (MOA) dot size, making it perfectly suited for use with Aimpoint s 3X Magnifier (3XMag ), Aimpoint Concealed Engagement Unit (CEU ), and all generations of night vision
devices. The CompM4s is designed to function under hard use and extreme environmental conditions.

“Aimpoint products are specifically designed to outperform all other alternatives – the troops count on us to be better,” said Lennart Ljungfelt, President of Aimpoint AB.

Since 1997, Aimpoint has proven itself to be a reliable and trusted supplier to the US Armed Forces, and we are proud to continue our twelve year legacy as the supplier of the M68 Close Combat Optic to the US Army, US Navy, and US Air Force.

Aimpoint is the only manufacturer to be type classified for production of the M68 Close Combat Optic, and has consistently met the Army’s stringent requirements for quality control and on-timedeliveries. Over 750,000 Aimpoint sights have already been supplied to the US Military. Aimpoint products are used by military customers, law enforcement agencies and sportsmen worldwide.