Aimpoint, the world leader and innovator of red dot sighting technology, has announced the latest generation of the company s heavy weapon sight the Aimpoint® MPS3. Designed for use on
medium to heavy support weapons, the MPS3 sight enables users to quickly bring a weapon on target, and greatly increases first hit probability.

The Aimpoint MPS3 is a passive electronic reflex collimator sight. It is a rugged, parallax-free, 1X (non-magnifying) optic with unlimited eye relief. The MPS3 sight features an adjustable
brightness red dot with 9 daylight and 7 night vision compatible settings, making it suitable for use in all light conditions and fully compatible with all generations of night vision equipment.

The MOA red dot is ideal for engagement of targets at all distances. The MPS3 sight is designed for use in extreme conditions, and able to withstand heavy recoil forces. The MPS3 sight has many of the same electronic upgrades found in the Army s new Aimpoint
M68CCO (CompM4) sights. The advanced ACET technology and an improved LED gives the MPS3 the same 80,000 hour constant-on power as the M68CCO using only a single AA size battery.

The brightness selection switch has also been redesigned for improved durability, and can be manipulated even while wearing gloves. Integrated rails on the top and side of the MPS3
sight allow for easy attachment of accessories such a laser aiming, white light or infrared illumination devices.

A new mounting system known as the Aimpoint MGMount
has been developed for use with the MPS3 sight. The MGMount contains a simple but effective 3-step ballistic compensator preset for 200, 800 and 1200 meters. The ballistic compensation can quickly be changed using the selector lever without losing eye contact with the target.

This mount fits on a standard M1913 Picatinny rail. “Listening to the specific needs of our end users helps Aimpoint develop better products,” said Aimpoint President Lennart Ljungfelt. “The company s development team constantly strives to exceed all expectations of quality, durability and functionality. Our company-wide commitment to
providing our military end users with the best possible tools is something we are all very proud of. The MPS3 sight is a direct result of that commitment.”