Order for 163,000 optical sights.

Aimpoint, the originator and leading manufacturer of electronic red dot sighting technology, has secured a new contract with the US Military for supply of 163,000 rifle sights. The Aimpoint sight was chosen following an extensive evaluation and competitive trial of available sighting technologies by the Army s Research and Development Command (ARDEC).

‘We are honoured that the US Military has once again chosen to utilize Aimpoint sights’, announced Lennart Ljungfelt, President of Aimpoint. ‘Since 1997 the company has proven itself to be a reliable and trusted supplier to the US Military said Ljungfelt. We listen carefully to the needs of our military customers, and incorporate these requirements directly into the design and manufacture of our products.’

Over 500,000 Aimpoint sights are currently in use by US Forces. Aimpoint sights are universally known for their fast target acquisition, rugged design and ability to function under extreme conditions. The company s products are in use by military customers, law enforcement agencies and sportsmen worldwide.

‘The Army’s decision to continue with Aimpoint sights makes a great deal of sense’, said Ljungfelt. ‘Our red dot technology simplifies marksmanship training, allows for fast and accurate target acquisition in any type of light, and can be used with all types of night vision equipment.’

The product’s highly advanced electronics allows the sight to be powered for years by a single battery.