Phantom Technologies has launched the new generation of RCIED jammers. Our new RCJ series is intended for convoy and bomb disposal team protection against remote controlled improvised explosive devices.

This kind of equipment is used for force protection in various scenarios where different threats may be used and long distant areas are required to be protected.

The RCJ series is characterized by using state-of-art technology based on unique modulation of mixed signals for maximum jamming efficient performance.

When the system is activated it transmits unique noise signal which creates a “firewall” between the transmitter (terrorist) and its receiver (explosive device).

Phantom Technologies is well known for its special attitude to every client.

We can provide such a system,covering up to 3, 4, 5 and even 6GHz, with the output power up to 1.4KW, including all the specific orders of the client.

The RCJ unit can be supplied with the vehicle (Toyota),special antennas and generator for mobile use as well as alone for permanent installation.

Effective two-years warranty and technical back-up is absolutely indispensable and confirms our well-known quality and reputation.

RCJ1390LT jamming system

The RCJ1390LT is a vehicle mounted very high power jammer designed for blocking remote controlled improvised explosive devices Used by terrorist. The RCJ1390LT is based on digital technology. This jammer cam be use for military convoys.’