SPINNER will supply rotary joints and slip rings to protect the German forces in Afghanistan against missile attacks.

As a first step to renew the field army‘s air defence capabilities (“SysFla”) the budget committee of the German Bundestag has decided to purchase two NBS C-RAM systems (Near-Range Protection System Counter-Rocket Artillery Mortar) to protect the field camps of the soldiers in Afghanistan against attacks by missiles, artillery and mortar shells. The Rheinmetall Group, of Duesseldorf, has been awarded the contract to deliver these new air defence systems.

An NBS C-RAM, an improved derivative of the Skyshield system which Rheinmetall Air Defence RAD (formerly Oerlikon Contraves AG, Switzerland) sells in the market, includes control and reconnaissance elements as well as several 35 mm guns. SPINNER, the long-standing reliable partner of RAD for rotary joints and waveguides, was awarded the contract for supplying the necessary RF rotary joint, the main slip rings for the guns as well as the associated flexible and rigid waveguides. The multi-channel rotary joint is for the X- and L-band with an integrated fibre optical rotary joint for fast data transfer.