AT Communication, has recently released the AT Intercom System. This new product range combines sophisticated intercom modules in an integrated system for a range of wired and wireless intercom applications. Examples of these applications include military vehicles, emergency services, patrol boats and dismounted squads. The AT Intercom system is highly configurable and customisable to suit a wide variety of applications.

Vehicular Applications – ATVIS

The AT Vehicle Intercom System (ATVIS) is a compact intercom/radio system designed for crew inter-communications and radio access (up to four) in military Command, Fighting and Support vehicles, tracked or wheeled, armoured or soft skinned.

Designed using modular architecture the system’s flexibility allows compatibility across a wide variety of Military and Civilian platforms. For military applications the ATVIS is a ready replacement for aging wired audio only systems. It is scalable to meet varying demands and provides crisp, clear, full duplex audio amongst crew members. It has a range of radio interface options from basic PTT to full remote control of the radios.

For civilian and emergency service applications the system modules are compact, robust, easy to use and designed to be operated with minimal training.
Three main system types cover the range of intercom applications which can be augmented with specialist modules to add functionality. System A is for minimum crew and basic wired applications, System B is for multi-crew and combination of wired and wireless connections and System C is for full functionality wired/wireless applications with multiple crews.

All systems can be expanded and upgraded and System B and C have the option of data connectivity.

Squad applications – ATSIS

The AT Squad Intercom System (ATSIS) is a portable and wireless only variant of the ATVIS and can be expanded to interconnect to vehicular systems for future expansion.

Squad members wear a wireless belt unit which interfaces with commonly available audio headsets to provide hands-free full duplex intercom operation or with remote PTT option depending on the application. A vibration mode can be enabled for covert operations to alert to incoming calls.