CMI Defence presented the Falarick 105, the new anti-tank guided missile launched from the Cockerill CV gun, exclusively at Eurosatory 2010. In Scotland CMI demonstrated the effectiveness and accuracy of the CT-CVTM Weapon System gun-launched missile which confirms the positioning of this turret system as an advanced 105mm, the benchmark in large calibre weapon systems. This GLATGM ability further improves upon the CT-CVTM Weapon System’s capability to provide modern armed forces with a fully effective response to demanding operational challenges.

It delivers immediate, precise and lethal effects against a comprehensive set of targets at short and extended ranges, based on a balanced combination of conventional and smart tank munitions, gun-launched missiles and heavy machine guns.
These effects are enhanced through a single auto-loaded weapon system that allows the selective loading and firing of multiple ammunition options including gun-launched missiles, from under armour.

Co-developed with the State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”, the Falarick 105 is a 105 mm calibre missile specifically designed to be launched from the Cockerill CV gun, itself a proprietary development by CMI Defence. With its laser beam guidance system, the Falarick 105 is able to wipe out fixed & moving armoured targets, helicopters and fortifications at a distance of 5 kilometers. Its tandem hollow-charge warhead allows it to destroy targets under 550 mm of armour and behind ERA or their equivalent.
Its name refers to the falarica, a heavy javelin used by Iberians. Thanks to its long, thin iron head with a narrow sharp tip, it was an excellent armour-piercing weapon.