With the increased importance of portable devices into soldiers’ equipment, compactness, lightness and manoeuvrability are key considerations in material design and development. The ergonomics of the new Fischer Connectors DBPLU/E and SFPU/E series truly contributes to the user-friendliness of the equipment they are integrated on.

Low profiled, the new DBPLU/E receptacles and SFPU/E panel plugs enable maximum space in the device housing. Additionally, the rear-mounted body styles significantly simplify cable termination. Rugged, the new DBPLU/E and SFPU/E series are made to withstand the most arduous field conditions. Even unmated, they are sealed to IP68 (2m/24h) or hermetic, preventing any possibility of leaks in to the equipment.

They are tested to endure more than 5,000 mating cycles within a temperature range of -50°C to +150°C. High integrity signal transmission is guaranteed with 360° EMC shielding. Non-magnetic options are available for magnetic sensitive applications. Available in natural chrome or black finish, the DBPLU/E and SFPU/E series are compatible with all standard Fischer high-performance push-pull connectors. All our products are RoHS compliant.

Many armed and security forces around the world have chosen Fischer connectors for their ruggedness, reliability, small size and lightweight characteristics. Navy video equipment, night vision systems, artillery calculators, rugged computer, soldier harnesses, intrusion detectors, surveillance equipment and personal role radios are examples of mission-critical applications, for which Fischer Connectors supplies the highest level of interconnection engineering.

Innovative and flexible, Fischer Connectors are committed to ensuring each application is equipped with the best possible connector. Certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004, our company embraces Total Quality through continuous improvement in all processes. Primary design and manufacturing facilities are located in Switzerland, with subsidiaries and distributors located worldwide.