Hardigg Cases, the company that revolutionized
the packaging and transport container industry, has recently introduced SuperMAC, the company’s most compact container with a removable rack option. SuperMAC was designed with a space-saving footprint that makes use of every available interior inch, while remaining small enough for two cases to sit side by side in most military vehicles.

The optional removable rack slides open easily, allowing full access to equipment. Sensitive electronic equipment mounted in a SuperMAC case can survive the day-to-day falls, vibrations and other stressors that cause competitors’ rack cases to fail. “Space and portability are critical concerns for equipment transporters – containers have to be rugged to protect their contents and yet compact and manageable to be easily loaded and moved,” said Matt Howell, Hardigg Cases’ Product Manager, Industrial Markets.

“SuperMAC provides superior compact mobility for rack-mounted equipment, representing a significant improvement over the bulkier options in the market.”

The SuperMAC is available in both fixed and removable rack options. The removable rack allows complete frame accessibility and makes bench integration possible. Equipment can slide out for field use or for connection to other equipment as needed. SuperMAC is ideal for field-deployed equipment and sheltered applications that require medium duty shock and vibration protection in a portable, space-saving case. Equipment typically will have 50-80 G fragility. Application examples include control consoles and panels, radar and microwave antennas, solid-state circuit electronics, and radio, TV and other communications equipment.

SuperMAC features:

  • Textured low visibility finish for unobtrusive storage and transport
  • Patented Comfort Grip Handles make lifting easy
  • Recessed, cobalt black hardware is long-lasting and fastens securely
  • Less than 24In wide – two cases can fit side-by-side in most military vehicles
  • Molded-in lid hangers allow lid to hang easily from the side of the case
  • Molded-in rib design provides secure stacking and interlock
    • Patent pending shock mount design
    • “Lock ‘N Load” quick latch system locks racks securely into place for transit, unlike competitive models that can slide freely upon impact