Sital Technology, a leading provider of Mil-Std-1553 IP cores and products, announced today the release of its new Mil-Std-1553 transceiver board.

The 2.0in x 1.6in board is designed for those who need to evaluate, test and develop Mil-Std-1553 applications, usually using FPGAs.

“We are delighted that we can now offer our customers a higher level of testability and integration with our Mil-Std-1553 IP cores,” said Ofer Hofman, founder and R&D manager of Sital.

“This new transceiver is totally designed by Sital. We expect more products to come out of it, with the purpose of reducing costs and hassles related to the development and use of 1553 protocol,” Mr Hofman added.

The transceiver board is available for users of Sital’s 1553 IP cores. It is not intended for use with other 1553 devices.


  • Dual-redundant Mil-Std-1553B bus transceiver and transformer
  • Suitable for any MIL-STD-1553 BC, RT, MT application
  • Works in conjunction with Sital’s Mil-Std-1553 IP cores
  • Easily connects to most FPGA evaluation boards
  • Single 3.3Vdc supply operation
  • Less than 0.7W maximum power dissipation
  • 2.0in x 1.6in (5cm x 4cm)
  • Simple two pins connection directly to 1553 bus
  • Simple header connector to FPGA board
  • Saves PCB design time and integration