Plant, construction and military vehicle and equipment manufacturers now have access to a world-class, purpose-designed 11-acre test facility within the main security area at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground’s 670-acre site in Leicestershire.

The secure facility, which can be extended even further by utilising test tracks and surfaces within the main proving ground area, was constructed and continually maintained and updated over the past five years at the highest levels for Caterpillar, one of the world’s top construction equipment OEMs.

In the light of one of the worst recessions in living memory, Caterpillar recently took the decision to combine its three test sites at its home base in the US. It retains offices and a presence at Bruntingthorpe, but has vacated the specially-created test facility with its two large workshops and an ultra-flexible test area.

“This is a golden opportunity for companies in the plant, construction equipment and military vehicle sectors to take advantage of a ready-to-go test and development facility that would cost a seven-figure sum to build at today’s prices,” said Paul Atkin, general manager of business development at Bruntingthorpe.

“The site offers almost everything they could wish for. And the beauty of the 11 acres previously occupied by Caterpillar is that with its own security, its open spaces and ample room to spare, we can readily construct anything that’s not currently available, should a customer require it.

“It is a truly flexible site and facility with a tower for telehandler development, digging areas and off-road-type tracks, including a sand road. In addition, a whole range of other test and research and development facilities, together with workshop and repair services, are available on the main proving ground. Opportunities such as this rarely come along. We expect it to generate a lot of interest at a time when OEMs and components suppliers are working hard to maintain their new product and development programmes but need to be highly conscious of costs.”