H3 / SOGA is a full service, global, veteran-owned and operated, security, training, gear and intelligence corporation. With over 20 years of proven track record of professionalism and quality, we incorporate unique specialty divisions including:

  • Training (over 2,500 law enforcement and military units and agencies to date)
  • Air platform security and intelligence
  • Mission oriented high-tech electronic law enforcement and military hardware
  • Intelligence services
  • K9 services and operations
  • Military advising and consulting
  • Custom tactical knife design and manufacturing
  • Maritime operations and security (anti-piracy)
  • Combat medicine (training and support)
  • Airport security
  • Counter-drug operations
  • Border and convoy protection
  • High-grade ammunition (all calibers, Moly-coated on request, lead-free, no maximum limit)
  • Security (infrastructure protection, static, mobile, etc.)
  • VIP / PSD – expatriate protection (low to high-risk)

We provide services in any language or theatre of operation. H3 has access to more than 2,400 trained operators to select from; tier one to tier three as well as basic security operators. Our men and instructors are all experienced professionals (GSG9, MET Police, Spanish CT, SEALs, German SEALs, Austrian SF, US Army SF, Force Recon, FAST, tactical team leaders from across North America, Chilean Army HALCON, GROM, Canadian RCMP and Military, Australian SAS, Spanish Legion and Royal Marines UK).

H3 / SOGA is mission capable in every aspect of operations, support and services, regardless of duration or need. Globally, we are prepared to respond to both private and governmental sectors and we are an official contractor for: US DOD / Homeland Security, the Ministry of Defence, Spain and the Ministry of Defence, Chile.

Our main offices are located in: Los Angeles (US), Madrid (Spain), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Munich (Germany), Caracas (Venezuela), Erbil (Iraq), Montreal (Canada) as well as in Australia.

‘Every clime and place’ and virtually every situation or need is our banner. Whatever your needs are, we will work to fulfilling them.