A global seabed mapping contractor provides ocean engineering, surveying, project risk and construction support services for oil and gas field development. Depending on project needs, various configurations of data collection and processing equipment must be installed on vessels, in this case for surface and underwater positioning.

This typically requires the installation of hundreds of meters of cabling to collect and transfer data aboard the ship. Vlinx™ WiFi Ethernet serial servers from B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company are a ‘seaworthy’ alternative to the cost and time required to string cable through the often tight quarters of ocean-going vessels.

Vlinx ESR41xW Ethernet serial servers are reputed for simple yet reliable wireless Ethernet connectivity to remotely located serial devices with no additional cabling expenditure. You can connect any RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 device to IEEE 802.11b/g networks with TCP server and TCP client modes.

Exceptional data security

The wireless serial servers also offer exceptional data security with WEP/WPA/WPA2 security and TKIP/AES data encryption. Dual AC/DC power inputs ensure power supply redundancy. Remote or local programming is easy with included web server configuration software. Terminal block power connectors, DB-9 serial connectors, IP30 metal case, flexible mounting options (DIN rail, panel, or desktop) help streamline installations in a variety of settings.

Other applications include industrial and factory automation devices such as PLCs, motor controls, process analysers, and instrumentation as well as automation and control for warehouses, hospitals and laboratories.