Omnetics has acquired two new machines at our Precision Machining Division location. A Tornos CU2007 and a Tornos GT-32 were purchased for manufacturing rectangular and circular housings, respectively. These machines allow Omnetics to save time and money in our manufacturing processes. The Tornos CU2007 is capable of machining a finished latching Micro-D housing in one simple step, whereas previously, each part needed inspection and rotation up to 5 times. Additionally, the CU2007 allows Omnetics to produce parts with a 5 axis capability, such as backshells with non-standard angles.

Acquiring the Tornos GT-32 is part of a larger effort at Omnetics to reduce outsourcing manufacturing. Our circular housings can now be manufactured in-house, which reduces setup time, decreases lead time, and passes on savings to the customer.

These machines were chosen based on a statement of work developed after evaluating Omnetics’ business needs. It specified what types of parts we would produce, coolant type, collet style, materials, and a considerable number of other details. There were also conditions for acceptance based on performance of the equipment and process stability. The recent expansion of our Precision Machining Division gave us ample space for new equipment and capabilities.

The new Tornos CU2007 and GT-32 machines allow Omnetics to reduce setup time, decrease scrap, run with less operator intervention, lower costs, and decrease lead times. They also allow Omnetics to experiment with new product development and increase our ability to manufacture application-specific parts.